^2281DB39E31C35093FE614A96B49EF2A99EA8492EDF7FF2081^pimgpsh_thumbnail_win_distrNetwork fever’ is an essay written by Mark Wigley in 2001, as part of a research project on the prehistory of virtual space that he has been leading at Columbia University. The narration starts in the summer of 1963, when Marshall McLuhan and Buckminster Fuller – the two gurus of the electronic age – were invited on a trip by Constantinos Doxiadis, an architect and urban planner. We are going to use this text as a basis for understanding how to make a map of concepts and technologies that are developed over time confronting similar issues and depending on each other. please download the presentation we discussed in class  here

Wigley_Network Fever_ 2001

Readings for week 4

Bateson_ Steps_to_an_Ecology_of_Mind__Introduction

Deleuze, guattari_ rhizome_ 1987

Deleuze, Guattari_ Rizoma_una introduccion

Kwinter_ virtual city 29_ 1996_low

McLuhan_ mediummessage_ 1964

Readings for week 5

Gausa_ open_ introduction_ 2010_low

branzi_ten humble suggestions

Branzi_ten humble suggestions_mapa_low

Guidelines for the map


Guía de Tesis

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