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  • Ordinario y extraordinario, Fernando Martín Juez
  • De la tecnología: advertencia y método, Alberto Sato
  • Ecology Sells, Jean Jaques Salomon
  • What Do they want?, Bill Moggridge
  • Towards Ecological Design, Raymond Guidot
  • Comprehensive Project: B+T+S+P+PL+M+(L), Rodrigo Tisi


  • Arte ?? Diseño, Anna Calvera (ed). 2004
  • Diseño, Teoría, Práctica,Alex Blanch, Alberto Sato, Guillermo Tejeda 2007
  • Design Thinking, Peter G Rowe. 1998
  • Rethinking Technology: A reader in Architecture Theory,William W. Braham, Jonathan A. Hale (eds) 2007
  • What People Want, Populism in Architecture and Design, Michael Shamiyeh and DOM Research Laboratory (ed). 2005
  • Performing Nature: Exploration in Ecology and the Arts, Gabriella Giannachi & Nigel Stewart (eds)
  • Massive Change, Bruce Mau and the Institute Without Boundaries. 2004
  • Performance on Behalf of the environment, Richard D. Besel and Jnan A. Blau
  • Industrial Design, Techniques and Materials, Raymond Guidot (ed). 2006
  • The Performance Studies Reader, Henry Bial. 2002

PhD Tesis:

  • Architecture as Performance: The Construction of Display, Rodrigo Tisi. 2011

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