Instructor: Rodrigo Culagovski, Felipe Veliz

Office Hours: Fab LAB (personal appointment with Felipe Veliz)

Contact: ,

Studio Meetings: – Fridays 17:00 – 19:00, Saturdays 9:30-12:30

IMG-20160122-WA0003Unlike a model, a prototype is a product (object, method, system) that addresses a real scenario. Once produced, a prototype acquires a life of its own. Part of its value is that it can unearth those aspects of design that where not/could not be anticipated in the past. If the process of design is based on assumption, simulation and aspiration, a prototype allows one to test, evaluate and understand parameters of design that have been left unrepresented. In this studio, students will be further deepening their investigation with the goal of producing a fully functional prototype. All the hypothesis outlined before are put to the test here. By using their earlier knowledge of design, digital fabrication, electronics and programming, students attempt to discover the strengths and weaknesses of their proposed scenarios.

Rodrigo Culagovski studied Architecture at Universidad Católica de Chile, where also rodrigo-cualgovski obtained his MArch and has taught for 10 years, focusing his research and teaching on applications of computer modelling and programming to architectural form finding and urban analysis and simulation. He has published papers at various SIGraDi conferences, as well as been part of its scientific committee, and at the 7th Space Syntax Symposium in Stockholm. He also manages a web development studio, and is a cofounder of of 2 startups, one of which was selected for Start Up Chile generation 6. He has worked in Chile and the United States.

Felipe Véliz Fadic studied architecture at the Universidad Mayor where he has been Fototeaching for three years courses related to modeling and digital representation. At the same time he is working as a research assistant at the School of Design at the University Adolfo Ibañez focusing on biomaterials and digital design and fabrication. He currently teaches courses in digital fabrication at the same school.

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