cnc fabrication : repository : Alexandros Tsamis


 This session introduces to the students basic principles of digital fabrication. It outlines the general characteristics of the different types of machines and their unique modes of operation. Through a series of simple design to fabrication examples, the students familiarize themselves with the different digital protocols required for the different cnc machines. 2D cutting machines (laser cutter, vinyl cutter, cnc router, water jet) and the differences between the “ideal” cut shape and the modifications necessary for every machine are discussed in detail.



This tutorial introduces students to the methodology required to unfold a 3 dimensional designed structure into 2 dimensional flat pieces to be cut with laser laser cutter and then assembled back in 3d into a physical construct. emphasis is placed on the correct settings for outline solid cutting, valley foldinfg using cut dashed lines and hill folding using continuous score lines.

The workflow introduced is separated into 3 parts. Part 1 : design of the 3 dimensional structure in Rhino using the VBScript attached below. Part 2 : design of 2 dimensional parts to be cut using Pepakura Designer. Part 3 : preparation and organisation of file to be cut with correct settings in Rhino.


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